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      I picked up LSL: MCL for $23 earlier this week at GameStop and am 25%
      through it.  So far I’m impressed with the feel of the content
      relative to my Sierra gaming history (which dates back to 1989). 
      It’s certainly not the same as an Al Lowe game, but I do think its a
      great pick-up for the Series.

      I wonder if anyone has actually explored the promo site… it at once
      time had a ‘fan site kit’ which I can’t find anymore, and the promo
      site also literally links to other fan sites hat are using copyrighted
      sierra images… do you think this means that vivendi doesn’t mind if
      the fan sites use a few images from the game to promote it, or do you
      think this was just the liberty taken by the flash project
      designer?  I mean, after all, there is a link to a ‘Fan Site
      Kit.’  Is this popular with other games?


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      Yeah, I explored the promo site way back when. It hasn’t been updated for a while. The fan site kit is still there. It’s under downloads, which is the poster of the girl on the wall. I’m not sure how popular fan site kits are these days. I figure they are used more for movies and for music bands than they are for video games, but that might just be my own experience.

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