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      Laura Bow II contained some great original artwork, with hand drawn pictures of areas, items, and characters. Unfortunately, when the artwork was imported into the game, it became all pixelated and lost much of its beauty.
      Is it possible the art from the game still exists somewhere in its original form? If I could obtain scans of the pictures as they were originally drawn, it would be fairly easy to release a high resolution version of the game using the graphics as they were meant to be seen. Ken, do you have them in your basement somewhere or something? The game could even be re-released like that monkey island game that got remade.

      As I have some programming experience myself, I think it would be fairly easy to incorporate the new graphics into the game engine. What do you think? 

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      A lot of art from Sierra games is in the hands of former employees and in the private collections of fans who have acquired the art. There’s no “complete set” of art for any one game that is in the hands of one person.

      “The Art of Sierra” project is continually looking for any and all final and concept art, development materials of any kind, photos, promotional materials, archived interviews and articles, and any other items related to Sierra – any Sierra-related items are considered valuable to preserving the history of Sierra for all fans to enjoy.

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