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      Hi Ken,

      This question is actually posed for everyone that can answer it.

      I know the company was sold in 1996 but I am not certain of the exact date when that was.

      Also when was the last game that was published entirely by the original Sierra company prior to the sale?

      Do you think game quality shifted after the company was sold. I know there are multiple AAA titles like Half-Life but I am wondering if those games after the sale had the same development process or heart for lack of a better word?

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      When Sierra was bought-out, did the parent company begin to control the game development process as well? If they did when did that happen?


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        Ken Williams

        I answer this in detail in my book, “Not all fairy tales have happy endings,” which can be found on Amazon in a wide variety of formats.

        The quick answer is that I lost control of the company almost immediately after the company was acquired. There were products that were still in development at the time of the sale, but I don’t remember exactly which ones they were. Overall, it was a total mess.

        -Ken W

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