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      This is my first post at this site. Mr.+ Mrs. Williams, thank you for the great games you made-You changed my life because it was one of your games-King’s Quest V- that made me get into computer games, and since then I’ve always been into computer games, from King’s Quest to Space Quest, and to more modern games like Baldur’s Gate.

      Anyway, what I wanted to know was this: I’ve read in many places that King’s Quest V, when it was released in ’90, it was the highest selling computer game of all time. Is this true, or is it just a myth. If it was true, does anyone know what position it holds today in the list of highest selling games?

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      (re: KQV – Highest Selling Computer Game?)

      My favorite versions of this game:

      #1 Fav: The CD Version with full voice acting was awesome.

      #2 Fav: The Nintendo version! Here’s a link to the Nintendo version’s KQ5 manual:

      Here’s a pic off of eBay! Anyone have $2?

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