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      Hiya, I was wondering if anyone could please help this desperada find a good patch to download for KQ8 Mask of Eternity.  I’ve just begun re-playing this great game from ’98 and I’m currently stuck in the Hall of War after retrieving the Feather of Truth.  I’m playing from the CD I purchased at the time, which is the first version of the game.  Back then, I experienced the same game prob and was able to find and download an appropriate patch.  I’ve been thus far unsuccessful in finding such a patch now! 


      I’ve been to the Sierra Planet website and clicked on the links but have been unable to find the patches from these links, nor have I been able to find any patches anywhere else on the net.  You guys on this forum might be my best hope …  I’ve marked this as high priority, well, it is for me!  🙂


      Would anyone please direct me to a downloadable site, or alternatively, and maybe the bestly, if that’s a word 🙂 would you please consider emailing me the patch, emailing me the .exe file direct, to:




      Thank you,



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      I have the sierra patch  believe it was from 2005…genuine patch for the game

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      if you still need it i can send it to you… patch from sierra in feb 2003 file size approx 990kb

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      Or just download it from The Sierra Help Pages

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