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      Hi, there was a classic original version of 8th chapter before 3D-remading. What this game was it? Has somebody screens, sketches, plot or something from it?

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      I don’t remember hearing anything about a “King’s Quest 8 2D” before KQ:MOE was developed in 3D! Has anyone else heard of this?

      I thought KQ7 in Disney 2D was pretty successful, but maybe not as successful as the previous games. KQ:MOE was always an extremely interesting game to me – without the “8” in the title, a King’s Quest in 3D, with an almost RPG feel to it (probably had something to do with the fact that I think I was playing Betrayal at Krondor around that same time), and it felt like a much darker game than the previous KQs.

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      It must be, but in the developing state.

      My friend said firstly in the sierra.com there was info about KQ8 in the classic P&C quest style, probably with screenshots. It was somewhere in 1997-1998 years. And then Roberta Williams said that marketers argued her and all Sierra’s guys that they need to create KQ in the 3D style, because 2D was dead.

      So old KQ fans, I think, must know some info about it…

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      I’d say your friend was joshing with you. KQ8 was always planned to be 3D since around the release of KQ7 and Phantasmagoria, in 1995ish era. ROberta was discussing her ideas for a 3d game even back then.


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