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      First of all I do have Kq7 2 that came with the 3 disk king’s quest collection (so it is not an issue of sierraw.exe or sierraws.exe). And yes I do have dosbox and yes I do have VDMsound. I always do the full intstall and my OS is Windows XP home edition.
      On the windows version I ran it with windows 95 or 98 compatibility and 256 color mode. When I run it it says it cannot find sierra.err and scidll.dll. If I copy the files from the cd to the game directory it says it cannot find 999.pal resource. Making a batch file for the windows version and running it with VDMsound and did nothing different. In dos mode I start the kq7.bat file with the same compatibility options and with VDMsound. It makes the dos window to full screen so I see the text that states that VDMsound is launching. The text does not go away and I can hear the music and sound of the Sierra logo and then I can hear the music and sound of the kq7 menu. The dos background and text change color in relation to the sierra logo and the menu (brownish letters for the logo, white background for the menu).
      In dosbox I cannot start the kq7.bat file (it calls it an illegal command) but only the sierra.exe file. But when I start the sierra.exe file (the dos sierra.exe not sierraw.exe from the windows version) it says that it cannot find the 999.pal resource.
      Any ideas. This is the version that everyone says works on XP fine whether it be the dos version or the windows version but I can’t get either to work!

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