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      We have an old Kings Quest games and in order for us to play King’s Quest IV we need a “password” which is the ninth word on pg 7, third paragraph of the booklet that came with the CDs of the game. Since this is an old game of ours, we have not saved the little booklet.

      Can anybody tell us please, what is the “password”, so we can play the game.

      Please respond toStzagora@aol.com 

      Thank you guys very much.


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      (re: KQ4 password needed) You can get the information in this thread: {link}33514

      Hmm… for some reason the image is being displayed as smaller than acutal size, which makes it hard to read. I uploaded the list of words to my website temporarily. You can see it at the link below. Save it to your desktop for when you play the game – you will be asked for a different password each time you try to play.


      kings quest 4 word list

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