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      ok the site is a bit flakey
      cannot be viewed or signen onto with netscape 4.79
      had to use my son’t explorer 5.5
      i have inbstalled kings quest IV on a p 200 and the sound with a sb 16 is  useless and scratchy/static
      some sound comes thru but  is is not useful
      the systerms works with indy II  and warcraft II
      the p-200 has 32 megs of ram and  memmaked has set up much free memory.
      i see but cannot d/l paches  ( bad links) as i am told  it is necessary to patch so the sb will work on a fast(er) pc.
      I have also heard it could be mb related ( change systems or mb) and video card interaction    , i have several bare bones systems and several soundcards, all some kind of sb 16      this one has the via chipset
      others have intel 430 chipset.
      any thoughts?

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      (re: KQ4 and sound issues) Walter:

      I saw your comment about netscape… is it this site you had a problem with? I use Netscape 4.7 all the time with this site, and it works fine. What problem are you having?

      -Ken W

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