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      Hi Ken (and Roberta)

      I, like a lot of people grew up playing Sierra games, my first game was KQ5 and as a result KQ is my fav series, What I was wondering is, have you played Tierra’s remake of KQ1 and KQ2 they are VGA remakes and even have Digital music and speech packs!!

      If you have played them what did you think?
      If you havnt maybe you should check them out?

      Link: http://www.tierragames.com(http://www.tierragames.com) 

      Thanks for your time
      and well done for all your accomplishments!!


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      (re: re: General Conversation about Sierra) Yes I have played both of them and I thought they were very good. I didn’t get the speech pack to work though but everything else worked just fine.
      I don’t think they hurt the original games at all as they followed the story very close and I liked the few aditional add in’s that fitted in with the story line too.

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      (re: KQ Speech)

      I enjoyed the twists in KQ2. The originally was a simplex game – and well enjoyed by me as a child – but the Tierra introduced Hagatha as the antagonist. If I remember, she was just another obstacle and there were no real antagonists so to speak.

      I only wish I knew where I could get these games again. I did buy the Police Quest Collection some time ago but can’t find a Kings Quest Collection. How nostalgic I’m feeling.

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