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      I was wondering if anyone has come across any web-playable games they think are definitely inspired somehow by Sierra.  If you can think of one, would you please post the URL to it and a short description of why you think it’s Sierra inspired?


      Also, if anyone knows of a resource link that already points to a lot of sierra inspired games, please let me know:)

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      Peasent’s Quest is the one that pops in to my head.

      There is also a JavaScript experiment

      Any others?

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      I came across this game today, I’d guess the creator played a sierra game or two sometime in his life:
      A Case of the Crabs

      It has a point and click interface and an inventory system that reminds me a little bit of some of the remakes (like QFG1).

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      Definately try the Ctho Mythos

      The order is

      5 Days a Stranger
      7 Days a Skeptic
      Trilby’s Notes
      6 Days a Sacrifice

      You MUST give those games a play through.  It’s testament to the fact that the adventure genre isn’t dead.

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      Try Cosmos Quest – Sci-fi adventure point and click game inspired by Space Quest. But it’s not online game.

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      Well the 5 Days a Stranger series isn’t web-playable as far as I know, but in general yea I’d give those my highest recommendation for people looking to experience the old-school adventure style in newer games.  The overall story is really well crafted.  The first game takes place in present day, the sequel takes place like 400 years later, another of them takes place in-between, etc.  Also one of them uses a text parser.

      Two other phenomenal amateur adventure games are Pleurghburg: Dark Ages and Larry Vales 2 (play 1 first though).  When I first played Larry Vales 2 a few years ago I got totally absorbed for a couple of hours, and when I finally took a breather I could have sworn I’d been playing a long-lost Police Quest or Leisure Suit Larry game.

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      Peasant’s Quest is brilliant, and their imitation of the classic Sierra artwork is heart warming. ¬†And I love their sense of humor, and how they manage to pastiche the King’s Quest genre while also making a great little game in it’s own right!

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