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      Sebastian Podlesny


      To start, a big thank you for all the wonderful memories your works created for me, particularly the King’s Quest series. In wishing to share those memories with my son and also find a way to “unplug” I converted both King’s Quest 5 and 6 into the format of a book, but while preserving the playing experience of the games. I would be happy to share the files or pictures to help explain what it is I put together.

      My initial intent was solely for personal use, but I did share that I had made these with the KQ community on Facebook. A number of folks have requested that I share the PDF files. Given the usage of your wonderful game material, I am sure this would be crossing some legal line. However, given the existence of other King’s Quest fan-made content, I was wondering if I could ask your permission to possibly share these so that others may enjoy. I have no intent to try to monetize this and would not try to do so. At the same time, if this is not acceptable, I very much understand and would not attempt to circumvent any direction against sharing these.

      Again, many thanks for the wonderful worlds you put together!


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