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      There are three versions:

      1. Floppy Disk (DOS VGA)

      2. CD (DOS VGA)

      3. CD (Windows VGA) “Enhanced”

      Choppy Visuals (Video)

      There are problems with the intro sequence in some versions. The sequence has choppy visuals where the moving images flicker, etc. After doing some research on various forums, the problem seems to be the game’s vga320.drv file. This problem can be fixed by downloading the updated vga320.drv file from later Sierra games (EG Gabriel Knight Demo), and copying it into the King’s Quest VI game directory.

      Syn Files corrupt/missing (Audio)

      I have encountered problems with .syn files with the floppy disk version. The intro sequence will play to a certain point before giving an error message saying something along the lines of “3001.syn file not found” and restart the game.

      The floppy disk version should contain the following .syn files to work properly:





















      If any of these files is missing it will tell you “XXXX.syn file not found”

      Replacing the .syn files

      A forum poster suggested downloading the King’s Quest VI viewable demo, extract the needed .syn files from the demo, and copy/paste to the King’s Quest VI game’s directory. This may work for some people but seems to depend on the version you are playing. In other words, if the .syn files in the demo are less recent than the .syn files in commercial version, files may not be compatible. This happened to me. I replaced the .syn files from my commercial game with the .syn files from the demo, and started getting “files not compatible” messages.

      So I found another, easier way to replace .syn files. When you first install the floppy disk version, it asks you whether to install the intro sequence. If you choose not to install the sequence, certain files are not installed to your game directory (this probably includes certain .syn files). The solution to this problem is to find and use the SEQ.EXE file in your game’s directory. This will install the intro sequence. After doing that you may still be missing some of the .syn files. To make sure you have all the .syn files, find and use the SYNC.EXE. This will ask you to install and/or overwrite existing .syn. Type y for each .syn file that it asks to create/overwrite.

      This method worked for my floppy disk version, and should work for yours.

      Other Problems (Audio)

      The floppy disk version does not have the option for in-game speech. However, the intro sequence for the floppy disk version does have the option for speech. If your floppy disk intro sequence has text instead of voice, you may need to modify your sound card options. This can be done by opening the INSTALL.EXE file in your game’s directory. Choose the speech option and select Sound Blaster.

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