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      i know theres several posts on this already.. and i have read through them.. my questions lie in king’s quest 5..

      ok ive made the batch file.. set the compadibility mode.. and itll start…sorta

      but as soon as it starts ill get the err message “cant open interp.txt” followed by “error #41 not found in interp.txt”

      am i doing something wrong to get this? is my cd some how corupt? i quite honestly cant remember if ive ever played a king’s quest using These disks.. i bought them a cupple years ago at frys to replace my damaged copy

      i am running win xp pro.. other stats havnt seemed to be an issue so i wont bore you with mine

      Thank you for any help

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      (re: King’s quest colection…)

      Will the game start with the Windows shortcut if you set your resolution to 640×480, 256 colors, before you try to start the game?

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      (re: re: King’s quest colection…)

      … i dont know how to set the rez that low with out the compadability mode

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