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      I have seen that there is currently a VGA remake of KQ3 being made by IA, but their site is currently down. Also, I heard that a KQ4 VGA remake was cancelled. Any word if somone else has started one? I heard plans long ago that AGD cancelled their SQ2 VGA remake because someone else was doing, but I have heard nothing since..does anyone have any info on these??


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      IA’s forums were hacked and so that’s why they’re down. Their project continues. There have been quite a few remakes of KQ4 over the years but none of them have come to fruition. The newest of these is still in progress I believe, and you can probably find a thread about it on the AGDI forums if I remember correctly. I think that’s where I read about it.

      I answered re: Space Quest 2 in the post you made in the Space Quest forum.

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      Hi guys! Here’s something I’ve recently whipped up using the resources of all the fan groups that have tried to remake King’s Quest 4 in the VGA glory throughout the years. It is also my tribute to their hard work. I had to do quite a bit of tinkering with the existing remade graphics, added my versions of all the missing backgrounds, altered some animations and recorded all the voiceovers to make it work and look coherent. It can ONLY work while bundled with the ORIGINAL game (King’s Quest 4). For more detalis, please read the description under the video on youtube.

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      They must create great remake to KQ. For example, KQ VR.

      And merge all chapters in the one game.

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