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      Hey, this is Mat. I posted a GK Tribute a few weeks ago that a few people seemed to enjoy and was thinking of working on another fan project of sorts…
      Besides video editing, I also do audio editing and some voice acting. I was wondering if anybody would be interested if I started work on a short “radio play trailer” based on the original King’s Quest game. It would be a fan project, probably not run longer than a minute or two. I haven’t written a script for it or anything, I just want to get an idea if anyone would be interested in participating/listening to this kind of thing.
      I got the idea from seeing how many “radio plays/ radio trailers” are being done online based on anime and some console RPGs.
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      (re: King’s Quest Radio Play Trailer?)

      Sorry to reply over ½ a year later. However, it seems like a great idea. And I would like to hear this Radio Play Trailer. Thanks!

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