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      [sigh… prices for this rage from 100 USD to 280 USD – I wish it was republished again at a fair price… Vivendi is really shortsighted…]

      Does it feature the different versions of some games (AGI/ SCI on KQIV)? KQV has both 16/256 colors versions? Is KQV the “talking” version?


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      (re: King’s Quest Collection 2 question)

      This collection has both versions of the KQ1, AGI and SCI. It has all of the AGI KQ games except KQ4 AGI. The KQ5 and KQ6 games are the CD talkie versions with both Win and DOS versions. The KQ7 that is included is version 2, which is the only Windows version of the game that will run in Windows XP. KQ7 also includes the DOS version, which was not included with most of the KQ7 releases.

      The collection also includes several other games such as both Laura Bows and some of the old Apple 2 games (Mystery House, The Wizard and the Princess, Time Zone, etc.) and an Apple 2 emulator.

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