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      Why is it that I have a pentium 1.8 w/ amazing graphics card which i can run any game resolutions at least at 800 x 600 yet for Kq8 it is shaded out for me?.. I would really like some help because I do not want to play it in 640×480…

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      (Kings quest 8 resolution problems)

      I only have 640×480 available in my screen no matter which DDraw, 3d or whatever I pick the 800×600 is shaded out ..
      My computer can run games under 800×600 as that is usually the default resolution I play more demanding games with..

      Anyone can answer my problem??

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      (re: King’s Quest 8: 800×600 resolution?)

      800×600 was only available for certain separate 3DFX cards. You cannot get any more than 640×480 with modern graphics cards. You might look into some of the glide wrappers to see if you can simulate it.

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      (re: King’s Quest 8: 800×600 resolution?)

      Well, the graphics are horrible anyway, and so is the game. If you love the other Kings Quest and adventure games in general, then don’t expect anything similar from this game. It almost doesn’t feature any characters from the old games, and the “feel” is completely different in this game. It’s more an action/RPG game than an adventure game, and it’s horribly boring. It also takes forever to load new “levels” as it has to copy a large file onto your harddrive every time you enter another area.

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      (re: re: King’s Quest 8: 800×600 resolution?)

      A note on glide wrappers and MoE. I just tried OpenGlide and zeckensack’s Glide wrapper. The game ran too slow for me to be playable with OpenGlide. With zeckensack’s Glide wrapper I was able to get 800×600 at a reasonable speed if I turned off all the extra effects, such as dynamic lighting.

      OpenGlide – 

      zeckensack’s Glide wrapper – 

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      Benjamin Sabourin

      Will king quest mask of eternity ever be remake some day ?

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        Ken Williams

        Roberta and I don’t have any of the rights to King’s Quest. Activision holds them and I don’t know what their thinking on re-releasing the old titles is.

        I hope they will update it someday!

        -Ken W

        PS Check out — there’s a new game coming from Roberta and I early next year.

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