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      Hey, guys.

      I have recently figured out how to install and play King’s Quest 6 on my PC using VDM Sound.

      Whew, I had a heck of a time trying to get it up and running (Windows XP)!

      Well, everything appears to be working great. Gameplay, speech, music, etc…

      The only thing that seems to be wrong, is some of the characters and items are missing.

      I was reading through some of the walkthroughs and everyone of them said there was a teacup in the chair on the Isle of Wonder and a creature in one of the trees on the Isle of the Beast.

      I’ve yet to see either one of them.

      I’ve tried leaving and entering the screens over and over. Nothing!

      I’ve done everything and obtained everything that is needed up to this point.

      How do I get the teacup in the chair on the Isle of Wonder and the creature in one of the trees on the Isle of the Beast to appear?

      Please help!

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      Maybe you need to complete more tasks. Did you talk to Jollo in the bookshop at all?

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      Hey, Julie.

      Thanks for the reply.

      I did talk to Jollo both times. I have 75 points I think.

      All the tasks have been done.

      From my understanding the creature on the Isle of the Beast appears right away.

      Same thing with the teacup in the chair on the Isle of Wonder.

      I just don’t know what’s wrong.

      A few more things I noticed:

      The bump on the log won’t talk to me and I can’t give him the rotton tommato.

      Boy, I’m sure in wonder at the moment! Lol!

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      Okay let’s see. Did you defeat the Minotaur in the Catacombs? Tell me what else you did and give me a list of things that’s in your inventory.

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      Ok, I just replayed the game and I found out what makes the cup appear. Before the cup appears, the little green guy needs to appear at the Isle of the Beast first. 😛

      So! With that saying.. to make the dangling participle appear at the Isle of the Beast, talk to the caterpillar in the book pile. Have you gotten the scrap of paper from the Widow Spider also?

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      Hey, Julie,

      I finally got things figured out and completed the game a couple of days ago.

      Guess what the problem was?

      I feel like an idiot!

      I had done everything required except for one thing.

      I had forgotten to look at the book on the merchant’s counter in the bookstore. Lol!

      That’s why the characters were not appearing.

      Thanks for all of your replies.

      Happy adventuring!

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