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      hi everybody, I recently found the remakes of KQ 1-3 in the internet for free downloads and was now wondering if KQ 4 – 7 or even 8 are ‘remade’ and if there for free downloading as well?!

      Beginning of the new century I got the collectors box with KQ 1 – 7 and both Laura Bow Mysteries, but since they are not playable on my Windows 7 laptop.

      so not only KQ but also Laura Bow (Cornuels Bequest was my first pc game) and Dagger of Amon Ra I am longing to play again. can I load them down or get a collection wich are playable on my windows 7? thanx 4 help ahead and have fun replaying and adventuring through Daventry and as Laura Bow in New Orleans and in the Museum. greetings from Germany sends Gil 😉

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