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      I just noticed for the first time that the KQ3 manual reads (in the first page)…

      Story by ANNETTE CHILDS
      I was wondering, does anyone know what Annette’s role in the game development was?  I’ve never really heard of Roberta working with someone else in that capacity on the earlier Sierra games.
      KQ3 is probably my favorite of the series.  It broke so much new ground at that time, in the scope and actual logic of the story, lots of exciting locations, time based gameplay – there was real tension, and a stunning sense of place and drama.
      If anyone knows a bit more about the development of that game, and what Annette Child’s role in the development of the story, I’d be fascinated to hear it!  🙂
      Murray Lorden
      Game Designer & Producer
      Firemint Games
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      I don’t know.  Mobygames shows her as a developer on some of the early games in the 85-86 time frame.  She’s also mentioned in relation to King’s Quest 2 in some places.

      Interesting question.


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      Annette Childs was responsible for the documentation and packaging of King’s Quest 3. She didn’t have a role in the development of the game itself to my knowledge.

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      She was also the author of a Software Piracy editorial in Volume 1, Number 2 of the Sierra Newsletter.

      From what I can understand a lot of the material for the Newsletters came from Sierra’s marketing group.  It seems likely she was involved in Marketing and packaging.


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