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      Remember when CD-ROMs were coming out and Sierra pushed ahead with CD-ROM games?

      Or when King’s Quest IV was released and it was considered a fully cinematic experience?

      Or when Sierra released their first products, and they started to sell fast?

      It seemed to me Sierra was filling voids that made a lot of sense. It did make sense because it provided a lot, immeasurably to many people. You can tell from the responses at These aren’t normal Fan responses. Sierra touched everyone who posts here.

      Now there is a void with new entertainment online, only low-quality software. Sierra always had high quality. Right now, there is a lot of will and talent to develop new content, using Flash MX 2K4, databases and ActionScripting (2.0) to make it happen.

      I enjoyed King’s Quest 2 the most of ANY of your games — which seems ridiculous considering the other games Sierra released throughout it’s time. It was the right game at the right time for me. Other people have other favorites for personal reasons. I enjoyed ALL of Sierra’s games.

      A ‘New’ Sierra could make new games, with new characters, using the latest technology and fill that void. Doesn’t that sound perfect? Just my 2 cents!


      P.S. RE: KQ2: I mapped out the path to get thru the poisonous brambles on Dracula’s island. I had to — I killed the snake at the top of the mountain (and thus, no magic sugar cube). There’s a 1-pixel path maze between the poison spikes, so I mapped it out. There are wrong turns and branches between the brambles! Great puzzles in King’s Quest 2. Back then the magical doors concept seemed very real.

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