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      I think it’s really
      interesting what Ken Williams says in his welcoming message about Sierra being
      born at just the right time.  At a time
      when computers went from being nothing to being something.

      He claims that Sierra (and
      Ken and Roberta) were not that amazing in themselves.  Just that they were in the right place at the
      right time, effectively. 

      I acknowledge these facts,
      and acknowledge that they “happened” to be the ones who pioneered a form – the
      adventure game – which would have been pioneered one way or another without

      HOWEVER!  I do believe that they brought a unique magic
      to the experience, and I really don’t think that anyone else would have done it
      as well, and touched the hearts and imaginations of so many people in the

      You can see the Lucas Arts
      games, and yes, they were very funny, and well made.  But they never really grabbed me.  And they already had the initial offerings
      from Sierra to go off before they even started. 
      I would argue that within Roberta’s imagination, and her vision of these
      games, and the values that they hold, there was something very special.

      Yes, we look back at these
      games with rose colored glasses.  Yes,
      they were magical because of the time and place that they were created in, and
      yes, these games would not capture the hearts and minds of today’s audience if
      they were released right now.  But the
      writing, and the concepts in those games was special! 

      Thank you! 


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