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      Now, don’t get all worried or anything! Nothing bad here. *lol*

      I’m just curious as to what he ended up doing with his life. He’s around the same age as me and considering the environment he grew up in.. Well, I remember reading his articles from the old Sierra magazines. 🙂

      So, how’s he doing these days?


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      Chris has done extremely well.

      At one time Sierra had an office in Tokyo. Chris visited Tokyo with Roberta and I from time to time, and decided he liked it. He went to four years of college there, and has now moved back to work as a software developer (as I understand it, he’s porting Linux to a small dedicated device). He’s 100% fluent in Japanese.

      Roberta and I were just in Tokyo a few weeks ago to visit him.

      Although he’s a genious with computers, his real love is Japanese Anime. In addition to working, he is a full-time student studying animation at a school in Tokyo. His “goal” is to return to the US and open an animation studio that would focus 100% on Anime.

      We’re extremely proud of him.

      -Ken W

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