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      My Book got an awesome review from an ex-Sierra employee. This quote was posted on a website which sells my book. I have no idea who posted it, but thank them profusely! 

      -Ken Williams

      I’ve never owned a boat – and probably never will – but I do appreciate a good narrative.

      I used to know Ken Williams (the author) in his old life as a programmer, and a mutual old friend passed his book along to me recently. I didn’t expect I would ever take the time to read it, but intended to show it off to others that used to know Ken and his wife from their glory days as computer game developers.

      On a recent flight, I found I had no other reading material but Crossing an Ocean under Power in my carry-on. I started reading and didn’t put it down until hours later when my plane touched down. I was so caught up in Ken’s travels that I didn’t even realize the plane was on the ground!

      I have to admit I always viewed the big yachts as “pleasure craft” and rich men’s toys. I was clearly wrong. After reading this book, I have a new apprecaition for this pursuit and an even greater respect for the men and women who pursue it.

      Ken’s in-depth descriptions of the preparation, maintenance and just sheer amount of “Stuff” involved in his pursuit provided a real education. With plain language descriptions of what things do, how they work and what happens when they don’t, the book is entertaining and readable. It’s a real insiders look at what to expect when you challenge the big ocean in a small boat, what can go wrong, and how to do it right.

      Reading through the book, I really got the feeling of being along for the ride. It was a great narrative that kept the pages turning. From the broken bolts and expensive repairs to the dancing dolphins off the bow and simple joys of a star filled sky as seen from the center of the ocean, I felt like I shared Ken’s frustrations when the bad things happened and enjoyed the ride when everything was running smooth. It was quite a book.

      I do share the other reviewers sentiments that it would have been great to have color pictures in the book, but it does say (on about every third page) that photos from his trip are available at, and they were still there last time I checked. (Worth the download time too – even for us unlucky souls on dial-up.) The b&w photos in the book aren’t bad, but it’s the words that make this one worth the money.

      An instructive book and also an armchair odyssey. Definitely worth $20!

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