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      Greetings! This email is to let you know that I have just completed a book, about Roberta’s (author of Kings Quest and Phantasmagoria) and my crossing of the Atlantic this past summer.

      The book has nothing to do with computer games. Unless you are into boating, you may not be interested in it. I’ll leave this up to you.

      The text is essentially the same as what I sent out with my daily postings while crossing the Atlantic, but John Sytsma (of the website took the time to intermingle the text with hundreds of pictures from the rally. The pictures make a HUGE difference.

      I’m presently at our home in Mexico, and am having trouble getting a copy shipped here, so to be honest, I haven’t seen an actual physical copy of my own book yet. However, I did download and print a copy, and have been reading it. The book is much larger than I expected, and turned out much better than I expected. Reading through it last night I experienced a wild range of emotions, ranging from being horrified by some of my writing (I’m a computer programmer, not a literature major) to overwhelming nostalgia. The trip was incredible, and each page brought back powerful memories. All I could think about as I was reading was “Why am I on land? I should be on my boat!”

      The book, which is titled “Crossing An Ocean Under Power” will not be available through Amazon for another 3-4 weeks. However, if you want a copy now, for yourself, or as a Christmas present for a boater-friend, it is available through a website that prints copies “on demand.” They also have available a downloadable copy of the book if you would like to print your own copy (283 pages!!!).

      The book can be ordered NOW at: 

      Thank you,

      Ken Williams

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      we dont want a book about your lives, if we wanted a story like tht, we would ask our mom’s and dad’s. Thanks for the thought though.

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      If you do not want Ken’s book you could read about the journey on . 
      That being said, I thought their travels were very cool.  If you like Sierra adventure games then reading about another adventure is not much different.  You just have to use your imagination.  If you can’t trawlerweb has pictures.

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      Both Roberta and I are working on books.

      Roberta’s is non-fiction, and still a couple of years away.

      My book is fictional, although based around an extrapolation of factual events. I don’t want to say anything about it yet, because it’s still at least a year or two away, but it’s meant to be a mainstream novel. It has nothing to do with boats, and plenty to do with cool new technology. Hopefully everyone will like it when I finally complete it.

      Writing books isn’t nearly as fun as writing games. Both Roberta and I would enjoy working on a game, but it’s more important for us to do new things. We like going places we haven’t been and taking on new challenges. We wrote games for 20 years, and now its time for something new. Besides, it would be impossible for us to ‘sit still’ the 3+ years required to work on a game. The nice thing about working on a book is that you can do it from anywhere in the world.

      -Ken W


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      Roberta is writing Non-Fiction? Can’t wait to see it…

      Would it have anything to do with Phantasmagoria having it’s production delayed because the design team was glued to TV watching The OJ Simpson Trial?

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