Ken and Roberta, thank you for all the memories you gave me….

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      Hello Ken and Roberta and others of the Forum —

      I was very shocked but not surprised to find that the old Sierra
      company owners had a website. For years, I’ve always had these pleasant
      childhood memories of playing my 80286 computer with a monochrome
      monitor (which was quickly upgraded to color). The reason being, when I
      was 10, my best friend at the time let me borrow his copy of Kings
      Quest 1. I was so amazed as to how the game took me on this journey,
      this adventure, that seemed so immersive. And having a character that
      was capable of doing so much.

      Anyways, I could go on and on about the memories I have of playing the
      ‘Quest’ games. And I’ll just be repeating what has already been said.
      But I just want to say thank you very much Ken and Robertta! Thank you
      for making good quality software, for taking the time to make quality
      games, for having a top notch staff on board to make those things
      possible. You were right Ken, history was happening around you and you
      were fortunate to have Sierra at just the right time. That history is
      still alive in many gamers today. My wife and I always talk about the
      old Sierra games. We miss the quality you put into the games, the
      produciton values. Just how every product seemed so perfect. It was

      I’ve just learned that Vivendi will be releasing the old Kings, Space,
      and Police Quest games again in compilations. I can’t wait to get them
      again and play through those adventures all over again! I still do play
      computer games to this day (I’m 30 now). But my most memorable times
      gaming, were those snow days when I was growing up, snowed in, no
      school, and a copy of a ‘quest’ game…. aaaah childhood.

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