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      Below is an email I received, with only the name changed (I didn’t think it would be nice to show the persons name)….

      Someone give me some ideas here. I don’t see how I could be more clear. There are two ways to stop receiving emails from the website.

      1) Choose the “My Account” menu, from under the System menu – and, uncheck the box “Permit registered visitors to this site to send me email” and then click the “Make Changes” button


      2) Send an email with nothing but the word UNSUBSCRIBE in the SUBJECT LINE, to

      I do not understand why the person that sent this email believes that I spammed them. If you read the standard disclaimer that goes out on each email, the rules are clearly spelled out. Perhaps I should use different wording — if so, help me out with some phrasing. I did the best I could.

      My revenue over the last two words from the website is exactly ZERO. My projected revenue over the next 12 months is exactly ZERO. If I shut the whole thing down, my checking account balance would go up, not down. I am not a spammer. I do not like spammers. I don’t even like people who know people who are spammers. Spam is bad— and I do not like being accused of being a spammer.

      Sorry … I’m just venting….. Seriously, if anyone thinks of anything else I can do short of shutting down the email list feature completely, that will stop people from thinking I am a spammer, let me know. I really do not like being accused of this… I would NEVER do spam….

      -Ken W


      From: XXX
      Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2004 5:23 PM 
      Subject: Unsubscribe

      Please unsubscribe me from this one. It’s very close to spamming to be honest.



      Please note:

      You were sent this email by XXX.

      You may reply directly to this email if you wish, and your response will be emailed, as well as automatically posted to the Sierra
      On-Line Fan Site website.

      WARNING: Sending a spam message, or messages with adult content is cause for immediate closing of your account.

      If you would like to stop receiving these emails, you may either visit the Sierra On-Line Fan Site website to change your email
      preferences, or simply respond to this email with the single word “Unsubscribe” in the subject line of your email (without the quotes), and you will NOT receive emails in the future.

      If you have any questions about how to stop receiving these emails, you may write to the webmaster 

      Thank you.

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      (Apology) My apologies for my earlier email…..

      I was in a grumpy mood because I received an email that I thought was accusing me of being a spammer. After calming down, I realized that the process to remove yourself from my mailing list is more obscure than it needs to be. As someone pointed out, I can add a link to the emails that are sent out that makes it a “one-click” solution to unsubscribe from the mailing list. I’m traveling now, but will add that code early next week.

      Thank you again for registering for my site, and my apologies for any emails you received that could have been avoided…

      -Ken W

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      (Re: Important information…..) Ken,

      It is clear that you are not a spammer and whoever makes such a baseless accusation should do well to look in the mirror before looking at others. I can only hope that you do not take this senseless attack of character personally, as to do so would only serve to cause harm and not good (something that I believe you are not capable of doing.)

      Whoever utilizes this service for spamming or other nefarious purposes should do well to go elsewhere and tarnish this good site with their presence no more. Enough said (I hope). 😉

      -David Reese

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      (Re: Apology) Hello

      Ken W., Please be honest with me. Don’t lie. I am serious on this. Are you really Ken Williams, founder of the once great Sierra On-line, or is that just a nickname you use on the site? I apologize for any disrespect or insult taken, but I have not been on the site in a long time so I don’t know.

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      (Re: Apology) >Ken W., Please be honest with me. Don’t lie. I am serious on this. Are you really Ken Williams,
      >founder of the once great Sierra On-line, or is that just a nickname you use on the site? I
      >apologize for any disrespect or insult taken, but I have not been on the site in a long time so I

      YES, I can personally assure you that it really IS Ken Williams himself, founder of Sierra On-Line.

      And, to those who continue to put “unsubscribe” in the body of the email message, you must put it in the SUBJECT LINE of the message!

      Brandon ~ admin team ~

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      (Re: Apology) Ken can’t be a spammer. And he is ken williams, maker of those fun little games we call Graphic Adventures, also the founder of the original Sierra. Besides, the people that do that probably dont even remember Ken Williams, no offense. Those lazy hackers, spammers, and other idiots don’t remember when the world was good.

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      (A salute to Ken) Just like the rest of us, Ken is a mellow, relaxed man now. Sittin at home, sitting down, watching TV without a care in the world. Hes got a wife who hasn’t got tired of him after 30 years, and plenty of good reasons to relax because of what he did in 1979. He made an empire of joy.

      He put his money, and life into getting millions of people to sit in front of the computer screen, and have a good time. Ken must be damn smart. Hell, programming is one of the hardest things to do! All of it is just ones and zeros, over and over again, for about two to five years. If ya ask me, thats the most boring thing someone could do, but he did it without a flaw for about 25 years.

      If ya ask me, Sierra On-Line made the best games back in the day. Sure, Lucasarts was good, but Sierra reigned king. Other companies like Apogee and Interplay tried to topple Sierra from its throne with some good ones, but they didn’t budge. Ken Williams made Sierra what it is today.

      God bless you, and dont let them put you in the home. No matter what anyone says, you’re Ken Williams, programming genius. Not a senile old kook. You’re the man.

      Oh, and by the way, I might have asskissed a little there, but most of it was an honest, heartfelt compliment.

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