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      It’s too bad that Ken and Roberta Williams will never seem to work
      on another game. They have been sailing around the ocean for years with
      no desire to make another game. I guess I really can’t blame
      them, but you would think after several years they would get a little
      to return to what made them all their money to begin with. It’s hard to
      believe they didn’t love what they were doing enough to have that
      occasional urge to make another adventure game.   Shoot…who wouldn’t
      want to create a game over a period of a few years as a hobby while
      sailing all around the world on a yacht?   They could publish it
      under an independent label and people would buy it for name recognition
      alone.  They must have so much material they could work with to create a game just from their real life adventures.  I would buy it.

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      What do you expect? Boat Quest: The Perils of the Williamses? 🙂

      Just kidding, of course. Everyone moves on to other things in life, and they have their own reasons for doing so. My assumptions are that, if Ken and Roberta were to create a game (and by today’s standards you’d need way more than two people to do that!) and it became successful, people would just demand more and more.

      Sometimes you have to pause at making other people’s lives enjoyable and take some time out to enjoy your own. Sierra made my life fun for a solid 15 years, and continues to do so given the few titles I haven’t played through yet. It’s only fair that Ken and Roberta have some fun, too. 🙂


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