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      Hello Sierra On-Line junkies,

      I’m new to your world as I was researching Sierra On-Line & Googled into this site.  I still have my DOS versions of King’s Quest, Leisure Suit Larry & other Sierra titles.  However, my primary interest is with “Jones In The Fast Lane”.  My 3 kids (now 24, 21, 18) grew up playing this entertaining, yet educational game of “life”.  However, I “lost” my original disks & packaging years ago and am trying to find one & have begun to look on eBay & other auction sites.  I’m also interested in finding out who were the actual developers/folks who worked on that game/project.  This game should have been a required course starting in middle school & repeated in high school & college.  My kids learned more about making choices & experiencing direct consequences by playing this game.  As I write this, I don’t know if there are other “life” simulation games out there that functioned as well as Jones did.  If there are other sims, please let me know.  I wish someone would develop a newer, more sohpisticated version of Jones – this would serve a useful function in today’s world.

      If anyone who reads this message was part of the Sierra team that brought us “Jones In The Fast Lane”, I want to personally thank you for a great product.


      Michael D. Long
      Shreveport, LA

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      I second that! I would say it’s one of the top games from Sierra… different type of genre, but very forward thinking, even by today’s standards.

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      You could take a look at

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