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      a while ago, I stumbled over a screenshot from what appeared to be a Japanese localised version of HQ1/QfG1. Considering that there was (apparently) some engagement of Sierra in the Japanese computer games market (Zeliard, Thexder…) this would make some sense, but I can’t seem to find a lot of information about this.

      Does anyone here happen to know which games precisely were localised, which machines they were released for and whether they are still available from somewhere?

      Furthermore (just in case): Any ideas on how this was implemented? Even the SCI1 font system only supports 255 visible characters, whereas the game used (as far as I could tell) the entire range of the three japanese (non-Romaji) character sets, i.e. well over 2000 characters. Were these games SCI-based at all?

      Addendum: As noted by Walter van Niftrik, QfG1/J was, apparently, released for the PC-98 (aka PC-9801) platform; an x86-based system (in the style of IBM compatibles, but not IBM compatible itself) with what appears to be a Japanese version of MS-DOS.

      Thanks in advance for any information!

      — Christoph

      Japanese Quest for Glory

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