Jane Jensen in trouble. Adventure World need help !

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      My name is Julio and I grown up on Adventure games from Sierra and other companies. I live in Rio de Janeiro and I am now 25 years old.

      My topic is very direct. Jane Jensen is in trouble trying to re-set the Adventure World again. I was just wondering if anyone knows how would she be today (after Project J was canceled) by the Adventure company. Have Ken and Roberta talked to her recently about this project ?

      Crist, this is so dramatic to all of us. I remember the ‘old Days’ when computers were becoming ‘alive’ (CD-ROMs and Sound Blaster 16) together with Tourin´s Passager and Gabriel Knigh 1. Today I opened a Box on my Bedroom and found so many memories that I started to cry. I called my son (2 years old) and said: Look sunny… One day daddy played all these things… PH … Gabriel Knight 2… PH 2… Raptor…. Shivers… (among others). I looked at him and to the XBOX on the Desk and tought: ‘God… today everything is GUN ANR BLOW ! Where is the imagination… ? The Magic ? The Writters ? today games are made by people how CODE, not people who WRITE.

      What is our future ? What happened to our past ? Will Jane be on this alone ? Ken, please tell us you have tried to help her… the father of all this imagination and  love cannot turn back to it´s creation.


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