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      Since 1986 I have been a sierra fan. I have over 70 games 🙂 However me and my family have hit hard times and are selling my collection on ebay 🙁 If I am posting this in the wrong section please forgive me as I have been a reader but a first time poster. This is reaching out to those collector’s who love and want all there favorites in excellent Collector’s condition. My User name on ebay is jbtay if you are interested I have rarities such as ecoquest 2 and other listed or to be listed. Hey I have the Napkin from LSL 1 🙂 Post card from LSL3. Unopened Quest for glory Anthology/Collector that was purchased new by me. This is for serious collector’s and those whom want to help out a fellow Sierra fan! I grew up on these games went to the Army on these games called for hints from Germany to Sierra’s direct line before 1-800 and would always get the girls/guys there to give me hints without buying a hint book 🙂 Sorry Ken, but they got to know me and would always ask would it not be cheaper to just buy the book.
      I appreciate any support and attention.

      However the over lying fact is I am very sad about this. As it is my past history that I wanted to share with my kids.

      Thank you,


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