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      Hey Ken and all-

      Just wanted to let everyone know that we kind of “took over” the project that Mith was working on called FauxINN which was his effort to remake INN. We actually decided to go a completely different direction than he was going when he quit back in October. I am currently the main coder working on the client which is being written entirely in Flash to make it as cross-platform as we could (well Mac and Windows at least 😉 ).

      Our team also consists of two other programmers working primarily on the server programming and a number of other people helping in various ways as they can. You can check us out on the web at  where we have the latest “preview” version of the client which includes a working facemaker and main map. Feel free to sign up for the forums and say hi!

      Hope to see some people soon.

      ltillman@columbus.rr .com

      P.S. Ken: We would love to hear any input you might have on the project. We are doing this totally for free and have no intention of making any money off of it, but I’m sure copyright could become an issue somewhere down the road. Hope to see you on the forums, or shoot me an e-mail if you want.

      FauxINN remake

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