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      Every so often, I would go into a store or look on-line and inquire as to whether a new King’s Quest had been released.  Stupid me did not know until just now that the brilliant creators are no longer developing games!  What a tragedy.  I have tried so many games, but none compare to KQ, Larry, SQ, etc.  I’ve always been a Mac person, but would borrow a PC just to play the Sierra games!  There are a few iPod/iPhone adventure games available, but they could be soooo much better.  Ken/Roberta, if you’re listening, your fans miss you terribly!  I would bet that you could put together an iPod/iPhone adventure game together in your spare time and make your fans happy at the same time!  PLEASE!  🙂

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      iPhone could really do with the Roberta and Ken touch!
      That would be lovely indeed!
      – Murray

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