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      The reason why I asked this because Spyro was the best game I ever played, it’s my first game that I actually played. Of all these new games that’s came out, I’ll still pick Spyro as my number one favorite game and with Spyro in the Skylanders is great but I want the old Spyro back were he battles alone, he’s story, all the Spyro games remade with the new systems. Spyro is the best, this company made this game the best to me and other people who liked it. So Can Spyro possible be remade in the new system? This is all if have to say.

      Sincerely John Landreth 

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      I agree with you!

      I miss Spyro very much, i grew up with it and I just find it absouloutly Great!

      The skylanders didn’t really fall in my interest in the same way at all. 

      I would love if they made a new game of the old fashioned Spyro with the style of TLOS dawn of the dragon.

      i remember playing Spyro a heros tail on my ps2 all the time. It’s a game that I miss so much, and I would definitely buy the future games of it, if they will ever be released.

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