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      It’s been a long time now since Vivendi got their paws on Sierra On-Line, so is it time that we, the fans, accept that the good old company is dead?

      I say NO!
      I understand that everyone that created these games have been forced to surrender but we, the fans, do not need to bow to their demands!

      LSL MCL was at best a fraud, the follow up to LSL 7 was always meant to be LSL 8, with the action taking place in outer space….
      And then this cheap-copy-cat version of good old Larry shows up!
      Well I refuse to accept that the best games of all time will never be reborn!
      It was, and still is, Sierra that will bring back Adventure games, and when Vivendi finally sells out whats left of Sierra (basicly the name!) Someone will buy it, and let’s just pray to the mighty Roger Wilco in the skies that they can persuade the good people of (the original) Sierra On-Line to return.

      So don’t give up yet folks! It was capitalism that opend the door for others to take over and with MCL as a template of future games…. it won’t be long until the same door opens again……

      Let’s just hope someone can afford to put on a padlock, so that no more sleasy people can destroy such a wonderfull corporation simply because they wan’t to feel like they are someone…

      The fact that Al Lowe didn’t have any part in MCL is the proof that they don’t take the genre seriously (not that MCL is an adventure game) and that they will fail!

      there’s probably many wonderfull people working for Sierra today but they don’t have the spirit of Sierra On-Line, they can’t feel the call of the quests!

      The Quest for glory, the glory of creating the best games in the world, for that is what Ken and Roberta’s Sierra did!

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