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      Hey all – just wanted to draw your attention to the fancy new button on the left hand side on the menu – “InterAction”.  The SierraVault scans are being uploaded to Sierra Gamers one at a time and made available for download.  If you didn’t find them on my site they will soon all be available here.

      I had wanted to get them all uploaded but putting one of them up on the Talkspot server – while it is a seamless and easy process – bogs down my home internet connection.  My dear, loving, supportive wife who never ever threatens to destroy everything in the computer game archive/man cave always asks “What’s broken with the Internet connection?” when I start an upload and I make about a fuss of checking the router settings, poking at the hardware and just generally looking like the confused electrical engineer I am until the upload finishes.

      Sometime in the next few days I expect to let them uploader run all night and get the rest of them up but for early adopters you can wait with excited anticipation each day as a new issue is put up.  Today is Volume 1, Number 3 which had some great pictures of the Sierra Professional building being built and a state by state guide of where you can find great Sierra games.  I’m tempted to kick off a scavenger hunt for everyone to check in on those stores and see which ones are still around….


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      I already uploaded all of the old issues of Interaction to this website. If you check the directories on the server, in the Interaction directory, you’ll find them. All they need is linked.

      Don’t link them all at once. I made the mistake of doing that once, and everyone downloading them brought the server to its knees.

      Release one more per week, until they are all out there…

      -Ken W

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      Check.  So it shall be.

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