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      I have the old cdrom version of Quest for Glory-Shadows of Darkness 4. I want to install it on my Windows XP  It says I need to download and play it in DOSBOX. DOSBOX will change my systems config. from what I understand. I have other programs that need thoughs config. to operate properly. Installing DOSBOX will that hurt my system config. and if it changes the regular config. than can I change them back and forth and how to do that? Is there a way to play the game in DOSBOX without changing anything to my system? Also the game has bugs. Installing a patch for the game will that change or hurt anything to my system or other programs? Please let me know? You can also email me I answer to my email daily.



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      Don’t worry it doesn’t change system settings.  It just allows you to acces dos while in windows.  I use it all the time.  It helps to be familar with dos though. 

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      How do I access dos in windows? when in dos how to change back to windows? how can i find out if my system has dosbox on it?

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      DOSBox is not part of Windows. You have to install it. If you use the QfG4 installer that I linked to, it will install DOSBox for you, automatically.

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      Go to the dosbox website, do a search for it.
      The dosbox website has a tutorial for installing.
      You may have to run the QFG install program in dosbox to install the game.
      Then run dosbox again to play the game.
      Lets say the game is installedl in C:\QFG.
      You have to mount that directory in dosbox.  Command is 
        mount c c:\cfg
      you should get a   z :
      type c:
      Should get C:
      change directory to the game with   cd\qfg
      you should get c:\cfg
      than all you need to do is type the name of the game exe.  type CFG
      The game should start.

      Remember to install the game first but just run the install progam.

      After you stop running the game you will be back in dos.  Just type
      exit   to exit back to windows. 

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      My installer does all of that automatically and much more.

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