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      nina g

      hello sierra

      First of all, I want to specially thanx Roberta, Ken and the rest of the team,
      for the dream they made to me when i was young !

      I started a project last christmas,
      it became an obscession, and i didn t realized the amount of work it will be…

      but finally i’m pround to present the beta version, after 4 months from the morning to the bed.

      android >=5 version:

      desktop computer version:

      the game maker:

      I don’t know if i am doing some infrigment or something, its just a passion, and it was fun to create this.
      I think it is sad that this game is only available on dosbox, when common people don’t know how to use it ;
      and I think every little girls of today must to play this beautiful game, treasure…

      i think it must be available on smartphones and tablets cause at present days, people know less and less how to use a computer

      so maybe it can be started to beta test this chapter one (sorry my cd is in french version)
      maybe some devs will enjoy to continue this project with me
      maybe this game maker will be usefull to make some new games ? (or made available some other old games like i did for kq7)

      for the moment i wait an answer of the team
      thanx a lot for the read and sorry for my bad english

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      Dear Nina,

      I’m a 12 year old girl and I received the Sierra game collection from my dad (from when he was a kid)! It includes King’s Quest 7.
      I currently play all the games on my Android tablet using dosbox in RetroArch.
      I LOVE the wonderfull worlds created by Roberta Williams.
      I’m also a big fan of the modern Book of unwritten tales adventure games.

      I’m interested to test your software!
      I’can’t do any coding but I think you should put your code on github because much more developers there.
      You can also make a free website on github to host the software and to put screenshots, installation, … 🙂

      Please write your email here so we can talk.

      All the best

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