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      Hi everyone! I am Broomie and I am apart of an adventure company called Infamous Adventures, we’ve been around for abit and our target is to bring you quality adventures, currently we are making adventures games, one being a Quest for Glory fangame titled, Quest for Infamy: So you want to be a Villian? A game where you take the role of the bad guy forming nasty deeds to achieve his target.

      Another game we are making, may surprise all of you. We are remaking King’s Quest III! We have already recieved great support and people are very excited about it.

      To read more about our projects visit and click on Projects.

      I apologise if you have a strict no advertising rule but we really want to spread to word about IA. Tell your friends, family ect.

      Edit: Oops, could it be possible for someone to move this thread to the fangames forum, I missed it. 😮
      An example of our art.

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      I checked your website again recently and noticed it is down…what is the current situation with the company and the projects???


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      Their website and forums are down because they were hacked just a few days ago. Hopefully they’ll be back up soon.

      They’ve started beta testing for their King’s Quest 3 remake project. I’m not sure what the status of their ‘evil’ Quest for Glory game, ‘Quest For Infamy: So You Want To Be A Villain,’ is.

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      I can’t remember if I saw that they were including Music and Voice-overs for the KQ3 project, do you know if they are…..The voice overs for KQ1 & KQ2 were excellent and it was great they were able to get Josh Mandel. I was a bit disappointed to here The Silver Lining didn’t include him, but I don’t think it will ruin the game completly. But if anyone ever remakes SQ4 and doesn’t use him as the manager of Monolith Burger…well, that would be blasphemy!!!

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      I just saw that the Project Katrina website is down too…somebody forgot to renew the domain license!!


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      There’s no reason to remake SQ4. It already has VGA graphics, point and click, and sound card support. And NRS did an excellent complete re-release of the whole game with lots of stuff fixed and made cool.

      There’s no doubt IA will release a music pack with their game. Whether they’ll have a voice pack or not I don’t know – I would kind of doubt it, but who knows?

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      Of course…I was just joking and alluding to the great voice work Josh did on SQ4, and of course he wrote the sequence with the books in the computer store…I wish I still had my floppy version that had Radio Shock instead of the revised version…

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      Hey, this is Broomie, Head of PR and animator for King’s Quest III VGA.

      As Brandon stated, yes we were hacked and the site and forums should be up and running very soon. Seeing as it’s close to April Fool’s Day I just want to assure you that this isn’t a prank. However, during this time we did see fit to give you a small surprise anyway once we return, just to say we’re back and better than ever. 😉

      Anyway, we will have a voice pack included and there will be some surprises in it aswell. So hold tight, we’ll be bringing KQ3 to you very soon.


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      Thank you. It’s about time.

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      King’s Quest III has been released!!

      That’s right, the long damn wait is over. I smile with joy as I type
      these words in, thinking if this day was ever to come. The production
      is over, the testers are done and everything is ready to go. King’s
      Quest III has finally been released. Remember this date, the 19th of
      June. The day KQ3 was released!

      It’s been twenty years since the evil wizard Manannan first appeared on
      our computer screens, but now, thanks to the hard work and dedication
      of the team at Infamous Adventures, he’s back!

      Kings Quest 3 : To Heir is Human was first released by Sierra
      On-Line back in 1986. As the second sequel to the hugely popular and
      successful Kings Quest series, it fast became a fan favourite. Roberta
      Williams, author of the Kings Quest series, broke new ground in
      computer games, introducing players to the magic map concept (making
      travel quicker between screens), timed puzzles and an in-depth spell
      casting system. All these things are standard fare in today’s games,
      but were original concepts in 1986.

      Unfortunately, due to the advances made in computer technology
      over the last twenty years, such classic games no longer run on the
      modern computer. It was with this in mind that Infamous Adventures
      decided to remake this game, bringing it up to the quality of Kings
      Quest 5 & 6. Klytos, Executive Producer of IA’s Kings Quest 3 had
      this to say. “We just love this game and felt that even twenty years
      later the story was relevant and, more importantly, still fun. We
      wanted to introduce a new generation of gamers to this classic and show
      older players who remember the original something new and special. We
      think we’ve done this, but it’s up to the fans to tell us what they

      Boasting all new full VGA backgrounds, enhanced hand-drawn
      close up cut-scenes, dialog portraits for all the characters, original
      music by our professional composer, full speech pack (including
      narrator) and a new point-and-click interface, make Infamous
      Adventures’ remake of Kings Quest III one of the best remakes on the
      fan-game market. And the best part is, it’s free!

      Re-experience this timeless adventure now at

      We would love to give a huge thanks to everyone involved in
      this project, too many to name but you know who you are. Yet that’s not
      it, it’s you the fans who kept us going. We would love to give you the
      biggest of thanks out of anyone, I mean if we just had tumbleweed as
      support I don’t think we’d have got very far. Anyway, I know you want
      to play the game. Well, go right ahead.


      The voice pack will be released next week, we didn’t want you guys
      to wait any longer. Don’t worry, you won’t have to redownload the game
      just for the voice pack. Just simply add the file to the program and
      boom, you’re off!

      Again, I’d like to say thanks to everyone who contributed, whether it be the team or the fans, this game is for you. Enjoy.

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      You might want to fix your installer, it won’t let you install anywhere but your default in the Program Files directory. I never install games on my system drive.

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      There’s always room to remake any game.  Everyone wants to remake the EGA games to VGA and text games to point-and-click  But it doesn’t have to end there.  Games can be remade into the style of SQ6 or QFGV, etc.  Personally, I’d really like to see remakes that try to go outside the box.  I know they’re free projects, but it would be cool just to see high resolution graphics and 32-bit colors.  And maybe even a new interface.

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      I agree with you about the higher graphics, but after the awkward interface of Dreamfall, I’ll take point and click any day. Any ‘improvements’ to the interface have to make it more seamless or transparent, not merely different or done in some odd way, just because they can. It should not be something that has to be mastered, just to play the game. It should never interfere with the gameplay or story.

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      Any Remake definitely needs John Ryes-Davies to be hired as the narrator…

      Poor John….

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      I keep hearing about these ‘fixes’ done by NRS. What do these do and where can I get them? I thought for a time Gametap would be the savior by giving me the ability to play the old Sierra games with ease on my new computer, but alas, they still have not added any of the games that were CD, and the ones they do have are not the ‘Cd talkie’ versions. Not worth my time since those were my favorite versions!

      I wish Vivendi would just release the damn old games working in XP! C’Mon HURRY UP!!! 🙂

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      NewRisingSun’s SCI
      Patch Page
      , He also recommend that you still run the games in DOSBox. Almost all of the Sierra DOS games run very nicely in DOSBox. If you have not tried DOSBox lately, it has come a long way. You can even install Windows 3x in it for the Windows only games.

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