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      Okay, before I get to the jab, I gotta say (just like everybody else around here :), Ken, you were the Superman of my youth. I had a picture of you on my wall. I remember talking to you, in REAL TIME (I remember my hands shaking when you’d jump on) on the bulletin board, thinking life could get no better. I thank you and Roberta for being so instrumental in my growth as a child, and through college, with the very simple advice you gave me. Which leads me to my jab, rant, problem, whatever you wanna call it. And forgive me, I’ve been waiting to let this out for 13 years or so 🙂
      Okay, so in your magazine you had this huge article about some kid from England flying over for a tour of the big company. Of course, I’m willing to bet, that kid is probably on this site six times a day, so if you are, sorry 🙂 … Anyway, this, according to my memory, was billed as the FIRST Sierra tour ever given, and it was really cool to have somebody fly from that far away just to see the company. But what about me?? hehehe..
      If you don’t remember, and I guess it’s okay if you don’t (I mean, gosh, I can’t imagine you not remembering, but I’ll forgive you if you have), I was 12 years old when I dragged my father across the country from Oklahoma to your company. I remember walking in the front door, telling the nice person at the front desk what we were there for, and watching her turn around and tell the two guys without shirts on to grab something to wear, because there was a tour going on. This, according to her, was the first tour ever given to Sierra.
      So most of the tour was a blur, due to my excitement, but I just gotta tell you the two best moments. The first was walking into the music lab (I believe this moment had a part in my decision to major in both engineering and music), and the second was meeting you and Roberta. If you recall (and feel free to lie if you don’t), I was watching this “kick ass” part of a new game where a whole house moves with chicken legs underneath it.(it was the first time I had heard “kick ass” by an adult in front of my father, with it being okay to do so.. heheh) So it was at this moment my father tapped me on the shoulder, and I turned to see what he wanted, and there you were in front of me. Now, although this is a wee bit embarrassing (I don’t mind telling it to the billions of people reading this, because we all are Sierra lovers), I had to sit down because I blacked out. That’s right, passed out right in front of you. As if that wasn’t enough, the same thing happened when I ran into your wife in the hallway.
      Okay, so now that the record has been set straight (which I’m sure I’m wrong about anyway, there were probably hundreds of tours before me, but I certainly don’t mind you telling me I was the first anyway), thanks again for everything. I’m sure you probably get tired of people telling you how important you have been in their lives, but like it or not, you have been, and I wouldn’t be who I am today without you, Roberta, or Sierra Online. Thanks.
      Peter Liesenfeld

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      (re: If you don’t mind a light hearted jab…)

      That’s a nice story. I wish I’d gotten to tour Sierra as a kid… I probably would have fainted, too.

      That chicken leg scene is from Quest for Glory 1….


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