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      CC/TSN/INN/CyberSpace I was a Beta Tester in San Jose, California since 1990 (might have been earlier, who can remember 😉 , I was GlennSJ (Room 2) and Gando, Gandozer etc in the mountain which I won the contest of naming “Medieval Land”.
      I went to several TSN get togethers in Oakhurst and around CA. I had a chance to meet some great developers like the Daves, and the rest of the TSN crew that I had so much fun with for half a decade. It was not a very long ride but it did have a lot of quality moments and memories.
      ( I can still see the picture of a beam bouncing over the mountain from the sattelite dish which was the animation of modem connection and then you just had to hope for a successful connection). The agonizing minutes and retries when it failed.
      That was Sierra’s best creation since it provided live interaction and gameplay which playstations and xbox are still trying to perfect. TSN’s graphic based design, in my opinion, still is far better than a lot of gamesites in service today.
      All the Sierra games I have bought and played from KQ1 to SQ6 and Phantasmagoria2 I wish Sierra would have faired much better, it’s almost like watching a child grow up and then as an adult see him/her suffer from bad judgements and bad luck
      I am very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of that and very sad that the quality and fun products that were produced for my entertainment and benefits are not being produced for my children who are just reaching the keyboard.
      How many times I have awaited a Sierra release, several per year…I can count on 1 hand the number of releases that I looked forward to within the past 6 years! That’s just very disappointing.
      I wish everyone well and hope many take notes and learn from the best there was and hopefully we will see somebody pick up the torch of gaming in the future.
      Sincerely, Glenn Ando

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      (re: CC / TSN / INN ) Wow, that is pretty sweet. Thanks for posting that link!!

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      (re: CC / TSN / INN )

      Ha! I remember TSN and INN. That was alot of fun. I was just a teen at the time, so my parents wouldn’t let me spend much time on it.

      But I remember having alot of fun on it!


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      (re: re: CC / TSN / INN ) I never got to see TSN….:(

      What games were on there? I’ve seen pics of online hoyle and red baron.

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