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      I remember my first experience with Sierra. It was at the Egghead software convention in California, I was 8 years old. My parents had purchased an IBM PCjr, which I had grown quite fond of. Imagine a computer back in the mid 80s with a wireless keyboard that you could use 15 ft from the screen! My dad said I could choose one game at the convention to take home. There I was, with a helicopter game in one hand, Space Quest I in the other. For some reason, I wisely chose SQI and my life would never be the same.

      Throughout my years of growing up, I remember spending countless hours poring over the puzzles and problems in the Sierra games. Even solved one problem from SQI in my sleep! The games took my mind on a fantastic journey. I also enjoyed reading the Interaction magazine, even won a free game in their drawing once (chose Police Quest I, much to my mom’s protest).

      I remember reading the article by Ken Williams about Steve Wozniak’s accident. Or researching how much it would cost to updgrade our Jr to 512K ram so we could play new games! Waiting in anticipation for the next quest game to come out. Think about it, how many games have 7 titles in their line?

      Most of all I always admired Sierra’s innovation. They were at the fore-front of the computer and gaming world for many years! As much as I hated the new “point and click” interface that caused so much controversy amoung games, it did bring games to a better level.

      So Ken, Roberta, and all those wonderful people you worked with, thank you for truly touching my life.

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