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      I was sincerely hoping that there would be a forum for Sierra game addicts like me. It’s icing on the cake to discover that Ken and Roberta are part of this community as well.

      I’m 25 years old and the IT manager for a packaging / printing company. I owe much of my career (and interest in computers) to Sierra.

      My Dad bought the family an IBM XT computer in the mid-80’s. To put the computer to good use he purchased some Word Processing software, a printer, and of course, games. It was these kinds of games that spurred my interest in computers and pointed me towards a career in IT.

      Space Quest, King’s Quest, Dr. Brain, and many other Sierra games constantly challenged me and provided endless hours of entertainment. I just want to say thank you to Ken, Roberta, and all the creative talent at Sierra that provided such a wonderful computing experience for so many people. Sierra will never be the same without you, and we will never forget your contribution to the computer industry.


      Pascal Majon

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