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      Roberta and I are now back from our long vacation. We were taking our boat across the Atlantic!

      To read about our trip:

      Link: http://www.trawlerweb.com/newMsgDisplay.asp?msgId=49620(http://www.trawlerweb.com/newMsgDisplay.asp?msgId=49620) 

      To see pictures from the trip:

      Link: http://www.trawlerweb.com/newMsgDisplay.asp?msgId=49898(http://www.trawlerweb.com/newMsgDisplay.asp?msgId=49898) 

      I had wanted to work on enhancements to this site, and on the game design project, but the boating kept me busy. For the next few days I’ll be catching up on my mail (here at home in Seattle) and on paying bills – then I’ll start sorting through the message boards here to see what new has been posted.

      I did add one new small feature to this website that it will be fun to see if anyone uses. Look under the System Menu and you’ll see Chat. It’s a lame, but working, Chat capability that I thought would be handy.

      I haven’t forgotten the group game-building project. I have done a lot of thinking about it – and will post those thoughts in the days that follow.

      Talk to you soon!
      -Ken Williams

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      (re: I’m back!!!)

      Welcome back! I just returned home from a great trip to Seattle (I live in N. Carolina). It was hot and bright the whole time – not the Seattle I imagined, but great nonetheless. The 5 Point Bar rocks. Don’t miss Archie McPhees, either. My friend Steph has a public access show called “Ballard Rocks!” – I may appear in the Seafood Festival segment, depending on the editing. The next showing is on August 7th at 11:00 PM on SCAN TV. If you’re in town, tune in!

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      (re: I’m back!!!) Cool! I just returned from a weekend trip down in the Seattle area as well, visiting former Sierra staff to scan more content for the musem here as well as Larry stuff for Al Lowe’s website. Exciting stuff let me tell you, and rest assured I am working hard to get this stuff online for everyone to see.

      It was a very hot weekend!

      Besides that I also finally got a cheap copy of the Quest for Glory strategy guide as well as a really cheap copy of Black Cauldron for Tandy with a near-mint map, manual and cover-flap-booklet (though the box itself is somewhat frayed on top and bottom).

      Brandon Klassen, archivist ~ SierraGamers.com admin / dev team ~

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