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      Greetings, everyone.

      I’ve been gone the past few weeks for a very good reason.  My grandmother hadn’t been doing well the past few weeks and, sadly, passed away Thursday night.  Today was the funeral, and what a wonderful, God-given beautiful day it was.  I just ask for your patience for another couple of days and I will be back.  I have one site-related matter to bring up before I go.  Does anyone have any of the old Sierra hintbooks?  I don’t know what the legality would be of including those, but I’m interested in eventually adding them, so if anyone has any, I’d love to know!  They could be of the all-text, disappearing ‘magic’ marker (like the KQ4 hintbook), red-window (like the KQ5 hintbook), or text/picture variety (like the KQ7 hintbook).

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      Joshua…….. I’m really sorry to hear about your grandmother. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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      Sorry to hear about your grandmother, Josh.

      I have the KQ5 manual that has the red symbols at the top of each page. Is that what you mean?

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      I’m very sorry to hear about your grandmother as well.  Both of mine are long since gone but I always smile when I think about them looking down on me and not having a clue about anything I’m doing but being proud of it anyway.

      As for your hint book request I submit this:

      SierraVault Hint Book Archive

      A reader and contributor to SierraVault bent over backward and sent me a CD full of carefully scanned Hint Books (almost the full collection).  About half of these are the ‘hidden red text’ variety and the other half are the later straight print versions.  On the red text books the contributor, Vasyl, spent a significant amount of time tweaking the settings on his scanner so that a scan could be made that would ‘see through’ the red ink.   In recalling what he wrote to be about the process he indicated he had somehow altered the settings on his scanner so that it was scanning with a different wavelength of light.  It isn’t often you can knock an electrical engineer on his butt but this guy shocked and impressed me.  The scans of those books include a scan of the page in it’s original format followed up with the altered scan of the same page so you can read the questions and answers.

      Rather than duplicate work I encourage you to pull these PDFs down from SierraVault and use them here in whatever way you want.  If you do so, would you please be sure to credit Vasyl with the work?

      Good luck with the site.  I’m looking forward to seeing what you pull together.

      SierraVault Webmaster

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      🙂  I know my grandmother is smiling down on me, on all of us.  I’m sad, yes, but it also
      makes me feel good that she’s watching over us.

      Now, THAT is what I’m looking for!  It’s so awesome that you have all of those hintbooks.
      There’s some that I didn’t even know existed.  Of course, it’s the most fun to play a Sierra
      game without a hintbook, but it’s nice to have them nearby if need be.  I also think some of
      them are pretty funny or have witty comments.  I like the KQ5 hintbook a lot because of all
      the background info.  It’s one of the ones I own.  If I put them on the site, I will definitely
      make sure to place credit where credit is due!  Thanks so much for sending me the link!

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      Yes, I do believe that is the one.  Even if it’s not the same one as the one I have, I would still
      be interested in a scanned copy of it or any other alternate hintbooks or alternate languages
      anyone may have.  What does the cover look like?  Thank you for replying!


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      Thank you very much for your sentiments.  It really does mean a lot to me.
      Your response and everyone else’s was really wonderful.  Thank you


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      Josh, right click and save as:


      It’s about 30MB.

      The cover is an image of a bound book with a key.


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