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      Ever since the first Phantasmagoria, I got my younger sister interested in gaming. She couldn’t believe such a game scare her so much. After LSL 7, Phantasmagoria, and the Gabriel Knight series, the games started to suck so badly that I have become a console gamer (Nintendo, Playstation). After searching for help a while back, I then notice that Sierra was Viviendi. No wonder why the games suck so badly. It wasn’t until now that I come across this website and learn what truly happened. It is so sad. It was King Quest that inspired me to become a female computer programmer at first. Because jobs were scarce in the field and pay is little now a days due to outsourcing etc, I had to go back to school and learn something else.  I used to been a web technician at $8.50 an hour.

      I loved your games.  It was your games that was my one of my main reasons to live as I was and still am suffering from depression starting when I was a child due to alot of physical and emotional abuse and living as the only kid in the neighborhood.  It helped me escape the reality and enter a fun imaginary world of adventure and excitement.  I really miss playing your games and wish I could reminescence those games that I still have in the storage boxes, especially in a time of crisis in my life.  Unfortunately, how much I have tried (DOSBox, Virtual PC, etc), I cannot get any one of your games to work under Windows XP. Your games were so good, I have more than 1 copy especially of Phantasmagoria, GK, and GK 2 (afraid if Iet someone borrow it, I won’t get it back, or if it gets scratched up – Before they had CD burners).   That’s how much your games mean to me.  *sniff sniff*

      With love and thank you,

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