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      Ken Williams

      I just moved this message board over to WordPress from a proprietary system that I wrote. It’s a long story…

      Anyway .. I’d just like to verify that the board is even working. If you happen to sign on, post a message here to say hi .. and, I’ll know that posting is possible.

      -Ken W

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      Test post per Ken’s request. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!

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      Daniel Garcia

      Happy to find this place, not so excited that it’s not visited very often by Ken or

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      Ken Williams


      Roberta doesn’t visit — but, I do!

      -Ken W

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      Debbie Stoller

      Hi Ken,
      I’m hoping you’ll see this message, and that I’m not breaking any forum rules by posting here.

      I’m hoping you can help me reach Ms. Williams, or pass my message along to her.

      I’m the editor-in-Chief of BUST magazine, a women’s print and digital magazine that’s read by over 200,00 of the most influential young women in America.

      We are planning to run a story about Ms. Williams and her important place in the history of video games. I know the story will be very inspiring to our readers.

      The piece is actually already written and set to go to print at the end of the month, and we would very much like to speak to Roberta to flesh out the story with some direct quotes. I understand you are both retired from this business and are now off having other adventures, but even just 15 minutes of her time would be so very meaningful to us.

      Can you please let us know if this might be possible? It could be via phone, Skype, email — whatever her preference. And we can keep it short.

      Thanks in advance for your consideration,

      Debbie Stoller (email is in my profile which I’m pretty sure you can access?)

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      Ken Williams

      Greetings Debbie: I wasn’t able to figure how to get your email address. Email me offline — ken at kensblog.com — if you haven’t heard from me first.

      -Ken W

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