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      I am new to this site but I am glad I found it! It definitely brings back a lot of fond memories when I used to play Sierra games on my Tandy 1000HX from Radio Shack. It was state of the art at that time and the games ran great on it. However, I find that you really need an older, slower computer to really be able to play these games the way they were originally designed. The faster processors are not calibrated to the timing of the older Sierra games. There are a few things you can use to try to slow down the processor speed but there are still glitches that will occur at times or the screen will just stick and you have to kill the process and start over.
      I also own the CD set for Police Quest and S.W.A.T.. It has 4 discs and no documentation. I bought it several years ago but when I realized I would not be able to play without the documentation I was quite disappointed. I guess it is true that sometimes things that seem to good to be true really are. I also saw the link to the archive site for gaming manuals. Unfortunately, when I went to get the manuals in .pdf format I read that their system was hacked and they lost everything. They do have back-ups but some of the stuff the users submitted is lost. Hopefully, the site will be back up and running soon.
      You know it’s funny…I was actually searching the internet for information on Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer survivors when I came across this link on a survivors website who is several years younger than me but was diagnosed with the disease several years before I was. I have been in remission for almost one year now and I am glad to be here to talk about fond memories from my past.
      I also would like to thank Ken and Sierra for giving me some of the most fun filled experiences of my youth!
      p.s. – a word of encouragement for Ken…If you do write a book, it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be you.
      – Thanks.

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      (re: re: re: re: re: Police Quest Collection)

      ack! i’m sorry to hear that site was hacked.

      you should still be able to find the manuals on the internet if you poke around. try the links below.

      the copy protection in the original PQ1 is easy. walk around the car every time before you get in (it ensures you don’t have a flat tire, or something). then when you pull over the drunk, there’s a specific set of things you need to get him to do — you can find walkthroughs online that tell you exactly what to type.

      on PQ2, the copy protection is to ask you to identify a mug shot. keep trying Jesse Bains until you get it right (i don’t know any other names, but eventually his picture will come up…)

      i’m pretty sure PQ4 doesn’t have copy protection.


      sierra copy protection

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